Psychological Care with a Gender-Based Approach

Our psychological services include a gender-based approach and, of course, a profound understanding and respect for diversity and sexual orientation matters, recognizing that social stereotypes and “labeling” do have an impact on people's mental health.

Group Activities

These are collective activities designed for both, personal and group development, and devised to generate conversations and social interaction regarding the important topics of mental health and well-being:

  • Discussion Groups: these are spaces that we facilitate for the gathering of people and that seek to promote an active/group participation in the construction and/or reflection regarding a particular mental health/well-being related topic.

  • Training workshops: these are spaces created to promote the engagement and participation of people in the collective construction of knowledge about specific fields of knowledge.

  • Circles: these are spaces specially created for women, to promote the recognition and interaction among this genre, allowing them to discuss the different problems and issues that sometimes arise from the condition of being a woman in the society.

  • Therapeutic group: these are spaces created to facilitate collective interaction and construction, always with our psychological guidance, allowing the introspection, discovery, and understanding of matters about life and emotions.

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