Psychological Treatment

Our psychological counseling is focused on the exploration and intervention of aspects associated with Mental Well-Being. Such aspects include the analysis and the formulation of a therapy program to explore the personal history of the individual and that could be affecting the different areas of his/her life. We seek to guide our customers regarding their emotional, affective, behavioral, or other needs that are identified in their particular psychological process, and that seems to require intervention.


  • Psychological support to people that suffer from addictions.

  • Individual counseling and/or psychotherapy for children, teenagers and adults.

  • Orientation and counseling to parents regarding parenting .

  • Family and couple relationships counseling.

Group Therapy / Workshops

These are group sessions aimed to promote mental health on a collective basis. It is done by explaining and teaching the group about introspective and pedagogical methodologies available to them and that can raise their awareness and mental health. We use a wide variety of therapies to achieve this such that range from artistic to playful techniques that allow introspection and self-understanding. All of this is also oriented to the attainment of a higher personal power and to facilitate the recognition of one’s purpose in life.


  • Workshops

  • Support Groups

  • Therapeutic Groups

*For more details about this service, please ask about the active/ongoing therapeutic and/or support groups we have at the moment.

Work Immersion / Occupational Psychology

This is a service that provides a close accompaniment for adults that are starting on a new job; a tailor-made program that seeks to empower them with psychological tools so they feel confident and emotionally prepared for the new job ahead. 


It is based on the importance of self-knowledge, identification of one’s life’s purpose, and in the recognition of personal power. This process helps them in the identification and handling of various personal issues that could hinder the client's appropriate handling of his/her trade, thus giving a broader understanding of themselves, their behavioral and professional profile aspects.


  • The process begins with a diagnose session, in order to identify the needs of the person regarding his/her career.

  • After the first intervention, approximately 8 to 10 additional sessions are scheduled so the work immersion process can occur. 

*The number of the required sessions may vary from person to person and depending on the needs and/or on the person’s availability to attend these sessions.

Vocational Orientation

This is a service that provides a close accompaniment for teenagers/young people in the recognition process for their vocational interests. It goes without saying that this is a process that needs constant development and monitoring and that it gains more insight and clarification as time goes by, ultimately allowing the recognition of the person’s life’s true purpose.


This service favors self-knowledge and the identification of one’s potential, be it in the individual or in the professional field, providing helpful tools in relation to matters related to choice, autonomy, and personal resources.


  • Individual accompaniment/counseling to young people (starting from 15 years old), in which different sessions are scheduled so the vocational orientation process can occur and, in some cases, parents are invited to be part of the process if the teenager feels comfortable about it and, if it so wishes.

  • Training programs by means of workshops for parents and their sons (from High School/10thgrade) regarding vocational orientation.